How consistency has taken the centre stage in brand communications | Publicists give us a lowdown on the aspects round model messaging, consistency and crises administration that has been brimming up since some time now.

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Airbnb sets stage for blockbuster market debut, looks at Nasdaq listing | | House-rental startup Airbnb Inc plans to checklist its shares on the Nasdaq, setting the stage for one in all 2020’s most high-profile inventory market debuts. Earlier this month, Reuters reported the corporate was aiming to lift $3 billion in its IPO, which might give it a …

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Monetary Policy At This Stage Has To Provide Adequate Support To Ensure Robust Revival Of … | Households count on an enchancment typically financial scenario, … has to supply sufficient assist to make sure a strong revival of the economic system from …

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अभिनेते अविनाश खर्शीकर काळाच्या पडद्याआड |

…. गुरुवारी सकाळी घेतला अखेरचा श्वास


Katie Holmes and Her New Boyfriend Are at the ‘Matching Face Masks’ Relationship Stage | By Laura Reilly

Dating in 2020 has a different slant than we’re used to, so the rom-com-worthy relationships we see unfolding are bound to look a little unfamiliar. But that doesn’t mean the sweet, sometimes fumbling gestures are any less endearing — sharing a spritz of hand sanitizer, perhaps, or planning a …

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